Hello, Just a quick reminder that tonight is the meet up for paying subscribers. It starts at 7:30pm UK time. Here’s the link to join: I’m also just going to insert the link here too in case that button doesn’t work! Can’t wait to see you all there!
Hi all, I’ve set the date for the Single Supp meet up for subscribers! I chose the date based on the Doodle poll. I’m really sorry if it’s on a date you…
Dear Nicola, I’m newly single and just can’t seem to get over a guy who broke my heart before Christmas. The weirdest thing is that the relationship, if…
Happy Sunday (just about!) Today I have a guest piece for you from Francesca Specter who is the founder of the Alonement platform which I have featured…
Happy Sunday! Today I’m sharing an extract from my essay in Unattached: Essays on Singlehood, which was published in February. I’ve been meaning to do…
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I have a guest piece for you today! I was going to do a catch up post as I’ve had quite a few new subscribers since I appeared on BBC Radio 2 but I’ve…
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